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Products & Services

Products & Services

Helplines Partnership represents the helplines sector across the UK and internationally, supporting helplines to provide the best quality service to their users. Our services have been developed over 20 years to meet the needs of our members, helplines and the wider community.

Callers expect helplines to provide confidential, high quality and affordable ways to access them. Ideally they should offer a variety of contact channels so that callers have a choice depending on their circumstances. We have worked with helpline telecoms specialists and the regulator, Ofcom to develop a range of solutions specific to the needs of helplines. We also lobby to protect the interests of helplines in the face of regulatory changes and other external factors.

Helplines Standard

The Helplines Standard is a nationally recognised quality standard which def…

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Setting Up a Helpline

If you are interested in setting up a helpline, we’ve created a series of re…

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Helpline Freephone Range

Helplines Partnership (HLP) offers a dedicated range of freephone numbers th…

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Payphone Access Charge

BT waives the Payphone Access Charge (PAC) for Helplines Partnership members…

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Telecom Services

As a member of Helplines Partnership, we invite you to use our Trusted Suppl…

Virtual call centre
Virtual Call Centre

Sophisticated Inbound Solutions Bespoke cloud based service provides a flexi…

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Interpreting and Translation

Helplines Partnership works with LanguageLine Solutions and Word360 to offer…

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Helplines Partnership joined by Word360 as a trusted supplier for interpreting services

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