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Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Membership is available to all organisations involved in providing multi-channel support to the public or a specific sector with the aim of improving an individual's wellbeing. The type of service that would meet the Membership Terms and Conditions are:

  • Helpline
  • Advice Line
  • Listening Support Line
  • Befriending Line
  • Counselling Line
  • Referral Line and
  • Information Service

More information can be found in our Terms and Conditions

Simply fill out an online Application Form or contact the Membership Team on 0300 330 7777 or email

We can arrange group membership so all your branches have access to the member benefits. Alternatively, if each branch is set up as an independent charity they can apply for individual membership. Contact the Membership Team on 0300 330 7777 or email

No. However, there are significant discounts on our products and services if you do. Contact the Membership Team on 0300 330 7777 or email

We will let you know the outcome of your application within one week.

If you are a registered charity in England or Scotland, you do not need to provide any documentation. We check the Charity Commission website for your organisation's latest annual turnover figure to base the membership fee band on. If you are a commercial or other voluntary organisation, we'll ask for the latest set of audited accounts. Public sector and statutory organisations do not need to provide any documentation.

The Membership Team will acknowledge receipt of your application and keep you updated on the progress.

For voluntary organisations, membership fees are based on your organisation's annual turnover within six bands. There are separate bands for statutory and public sector; commercial and supplier and international organisations. See our Membership Fees table. For further information contact the Membership Team on 0300 330 7777 or email

When membership is approved, we will send a confirmation letter and advise the membership start date. It will run for one year to the end of the calendar month e.g. if we approve membership on 19 January it will expire on 31 January the following year.

Membership can be cancelled, in writing, at any time however we are unable to offer refunds.

Helplines Partnership administers a bursary fund to assist organisations with a low annual turnover (under £20,000) to become members. You can apply by sending an email to

You can still become members in advance of the helpline starting and enjoy the benefits of membership. Just advise us when the helpline is scheduled to start and we can start advertising the service on our Find a Helpline on-line directory for you.

Your Member Representative can update the information when they login into their portal on our website or email with the details.

You can apply for an Our Community subscription and stay in touch with our work and the helpline sector. You can apply to upgrade to full membership at any time.

No. However, it is good practice to work towards it in the future.

Yes. We have members from all sectors i.e. voluntary, statutory, commercial etc. Our extensive member benefits such as training, quality standard, tailored support and telecoms solutions appeal to all sectors helping to ensure best practice and service delivery to service users.

Yes. We have members from outside the UK and international organisations. As the voice of the helpline sector we have experience and knowledge of the challenges and needs helplines face. Our expertise, research and understanding makes us ideally placed to deliver our services, influence and knowledge across all sectors and countries.

Yes. We offer monthly direct debit or four quarterly payments to help you budget. For further information contact the Membership Team on 0300 330 7777 or email

We calculate the membership fee based on the annual turnover of your organisation. We aim to review membership bands on an annual basis. Please let us know of any changes so that we can ensure your fees reflect the correct banding each year.

Can't find the answer to your question? Get in touch and we'll be happy to help: