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Helpline Freephone Range Terms and Conditions

Helpline Freephone Range (HFR) Terms and Conditions

1. The application must be made by a Helplines Partnership (HLP) member.
2. The helpline must be provided or commissioned by an organisation in the non-profit voluntary sector which includes Community Interest Companies (CICs).
3. Helplines provided by private companies, including trading arms of charities, are not eligible for Scheme benefits.
4. The services offered by the helpline must be consistent with the Scheme's aim to protect the confidentiality of callers to helplines operating in the fields of health, education and social welfare.
5. An HLP member may apply for more than one HFR number at the same time or separately. The purpose of each individual freephone number must be clearly explained and must fulfil the eligibility criteria.
6. All applications must be made on the Helplines Partnership HFR application form and approved by HLP.


7. HFR number fees (application fee and annual fee) are chargeable for each 0808 80 line and are due on the presentation of an invoice.
8. HLP will provide information about service providers and a broad outline of associated costs. However, helplines must check the individual cost of all services being purchased from their chosen service provider.

Nominated telecoms providers

9. The HLP member must choose one of the nominated providers for their freephone service and pay to HLP the application fee and annual administration fee.
10. Once a helpline is accepted into the scheme, it must agree to the provision of an HFR number from one of the three participating providers. The helpline must advise HLP of the name of the nominated provider and the freephone (“0808 80”) number allocated.

Failure to meet eligibility criteria

11. If a helpline ceases at any time to meet the eligibility criteria for membership, it shall immediately cease to qualify for the Scheme benefits and must cease to use the HFR number.
12. The helpline/organisation must continue to be a member of HLP for the entire period that the HFR number is in use.
13. Where a helpline number is ported from one of the nominated providers, the helpline must provide data to HLP on inbound call volumes annually and agree to pay HLP 0.1p per inbound call minute + VAT.  For those members unable to provide call data, HLP reserves the right to charge a standard set fee of £288+VAT per annum. From 1st April 2024, this fee will increase to £302 + VAT.

HFR number no longer required

14. If the 0808 80 number is no longer required, it is the responsibility of the approved organisation to cancel the line with their chosen telecoms provider as HLP is not party to the contract. Failure to do so may lead to continued charges from HLP even if the line is not in use.
15. 0808 80 numbers are only transferable between organisations with HLP approval. A new application form needs to be submitted and approved by HLP to ensure the eligibility criteria is met before any transfer arrangements are agreed.


16. All fees paid are non-refundable.
17. HLP holds the right to review fees on an annual basis.
18. Members are responsible for updating their own contact details with HLP.
19. The process of investigating complaints is set out within the Complaints Policy.
20. Breach of any of the above conditions will result in the helpline no longer being eligible to participate in the scheme.

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