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Interpreting and translation

Interpreting and translation

As a member of Helplines Partnership, we invite you to consider using one of our Trusted Suppliers - LanguageLine Solutions and Word360 - to offer helplines and charities access to over 350 languages, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Members benefit from our lowest rates for written translation and telephone interpreting - we can also help non-members access discounts from our partners.

On-demand interpreting allows you to access an interpreter in less than a minute* while paying only for what you use with per minute billing and no setup or training fees.

*Service standard, not always guaranteed

Why telephone interpreting?

Telephone interpreting is an efficient and affordable on-demand service to access professional interpreters that provides a method of communicating with limited English speakers.

Interpreting works effectively whether you are:

  • receiving an inbound call or other contact
  • making a scheduled call back
  • face-to-face with the service user

Why translation services?

Translation services are offered across email, text and webchat correspondence, which are the more convenient modes of communication for many.

This service permits anyone to access information and avenues of communication digitally without any language barriers, giving them the full picture.


LanguageLine Solutions provides its customers with a comprehensive suite of interpreting, translation and localisation services. Using their team of experienced, highly skilled project managers, they will work with you to understand what you want to achieve from your project and develop the most effective method to help you reach your target audience.

Whether your project is a simple translation task, a complex cross-platform localisation approach, or a quick-turnaround solution for dealing with multi-lingual email translation, LanguageLine can work with you to meet your deadlines and project objectives. Some of the services they offer cover:

- Core language services,

- Document translation (print and digital),

- Localisation (software, websites, online applications, handheld apps, complex documentation, training materials, multi-cultural marketing)

- Multimedia localisation (audio, video, Flash engineering)

- eLearning (online apps, simulations, information learning technology)

- Quality assurance testing

To find out more please visit or enquire below.


Word360's technology allows you to easily and confidently add multiple participants to a call without compromising your call quality. Your expert interpreter will keep the conversation structured and clear, so the risk of talking over each other is reduced. They are an extension of your existing call handling team, helping to keep things simple and straightforward.

Inbound calls - Wordskii Connect

How does a person with a language barrier access your helpline?

Wordskii Connect is designed to enable a non-English speaking caller to connect to a main helpline number with the help of a professional interpreter. Our service helpline seamlessly sits alongside your main helpline numbers, with the caller simply entering a 3-digit code to connect to an interpreter in seconds.

With Wordskii Connect we offer the power of insight by allowing you to prioritise the main languages accessed by your local communities, as well as national reach.

Accessibility Services

Over 20% of the UK population face communication barriers, which means they could be unable to access your services when they need them most.

Word360 has provided braille, easy read, large print, British Sign Language and other accessibility services for over 30 years.

Find out how inclusive you are by using the FREE Word360 Accessibility Assessment tool to reveal your accessibility score and tips on how to improve your accessibility and inclusion.

To find out more please visit or enquire below.