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A new social contract for a mentally healthier society

A new social contract for a mentally healthier society


We’re proud to be part of a major coalition that has written to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, calling on the government to work with us to establish a Mental Health Renewal plan in response to Covid-19.

As a group of 50 voluntary and social sector organisations, we have come together in an unprecedented coalition.

The coalition represents some of the UK’s most vulnerable people and speaks with one voice and with one clear call: the UK government must urgently work with us to establish a Mental Health Renewal Plan, with the financial and political backing, at the highest level, to turn this into immediate action.

We are already seeing the effects of the crisis on our nation’s mental health. Research by organisations in the coalition has shown that:

  • almost 80 per cent of people living with mental illness have reported that their mental health has got worse as a result of the crisis
  • more than 7,000 times a day, people struggling to cope are receiving emotional support from Samaritans
  • almost half of the UK population is experiencing high levels of anxiety

Together, we are calling on the government to work in full partnership with the mental health and wider voluntary sector and their allies to shape a New Social Contract for a mentally healthier society.

Only through collaboration, partnership and fully involving people who are struggling with their mental health in the development of a plan can we prevent the looming mental health crisis, tackle health inequalities and enable the UK to rebound stronger from this pandemic.

Read the full 'A New Social Contract for a Mentally Healthier Society' report.

At Helplines Partnership, have been committed to supporting organisations that provide non-face-to-face advice, support and information to improve general wellbeing for over 20 years. We champion the interests of our members and help them to build sustainability and deliver the best service they can for their users.